What We Do

We will work with you to increase your performance capacity for active hobbies including running, sports and day to day living

What We Do:

There are 66 joints and 40 muscles in your feet. What your feet do affects every single joint in your body.. right up to your neck

Our mission at the Running Lab is to train these 66 joints to work as a balanced coordinated team.. to carry you strongly and efficiently for all of life’s fun adventures. In summary.. we make your feet awesome.. so you can be awesome!

At The Running Lab, we know foot health is much more than 'arch shape’ and 'pronation'.

We train uncoordinated feet to be coordinated.. and we take weak feet and make them strong. We teach you how to use your amazing feet to run.. walk.. squat.. lift.. and kick a ball in the park with your Children and Grandchildren

Our Greatest Achievements:

At The Running Lab.. we pride ourselves on helping all runners.. from beginners to professionals. We help those who have been told never to run again.. to achieve personal best times in 5k’s.. half marathons.. and the holy grail, the full marathon

But for all the recognised success in elite sport.. our greatest successes are with the mums and dads, grandparents, kids and everyday awesome people just like you!

At an elite level we work with:

  • Runners
  • Triathletes
  • Olympians
  • CrossFit Games athletes
  • Professional field sport athletes

The things we do that we take the most pride in are:

Resolving Injury:
We have helped thousands of people.. just like you.. resolve weakness and injury by showing them how to unlock and harness the potential of their feet.

Practitioner Certifications:
We have Certified over one hundred practitioners and coaches in our StrongFeet™ Certification Program.. Allowing them to teach our methods to their patients and clients across Australia.

Educating Future Podiatrists:
Tim Bransdon regularly lectures at the University of Western Sydney.. the same University Tim graduated from in 2001. This provides the podiatrists of tomorrow an invaluable insight into the importance of true foot function.. along with strength and conditioning protocols for feet

We run domestic and international workshops to help runners and CrossFit athletes.. of ALL abilities.. learn the skill of running.

In-Person Coaching & Online Courses:
We provide online courses for running (Running Efficiency and Performance).. foot strength and conditioning (StrongFeet™).. and CrossFit (Run Like a Boss™).. Along with one-on-one in-person assessment, treatment and coaching in the clinic rooms of Wollongong Podiatry - the headquarters of The Running Lab and StrongFeet™



What We Offer:

Transforming your feet from weak dysfunctional liabilities into powerful performance enhancingsprings is easy — we will guide you every step of the way

Online Courses: