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Tim Bransdon

The Running Lab is the brainchild of Tim Bransdon.. a life-long student of human movement and biomechanics

Since the age of two Tim has being actively involved in sport.. including ten years playing Premier level rugby. Throughout most of these rugby years, the aim of the game for Tim was speed.. and more specifically, explosive speed

The Running Lab was born after many years of self experimentation with improving foot and body posture, strength and efficiency in middle to longer distance running. This

My Running Lab and StrongFeet™ programs have allowed me to offer far more than a bandaid solution to pain and dysfunction

resulted in Tim ditching the orthotics and overly-supportive running shoes which were a dependent crutch for many years

In recent years, Tim has transformed himself from being a slave to heel striking.. into an efficient runner with no more than 3mm of rubber under his feet at any time. This life long dedication and love for all things running, feet and human performance spawned the formation of The Running Lab

Along with The Running Lab Tim owns and runs Wollongong Podiatry.. a clinic specialising in lower limb mechanics, injury, treatment and rehabilitation

Find out more about Woollongong Podiatry here. 


Tim Pargeter

Tim grew up in Albury and completed a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine at Charles Sturt University. While studying, Tim was exposed to a variety of populations including the elderly, sporting and high risk clients, whilst also completing an overseas placement in Vietnam.

Tim grew up playing AFL and later transitioned into CrossFit. From this transition grew a significant appreciation for the human body and led Tim down an ongoing learning path in human movement efficiency and biomechanics.

Tim's human movement interest, and overall adding value to the lives of his clients, led him to Wollongong Podiatry and The Running Lab. Here, Tim is able to work alongside the talented team to offer the best and highest level of treatment available to meet clients needs, goals and expected outcomes.

Tim is able to help clients in all areas of podiatry including general foot and nail care, diabetic foot assessments, nail surgeries, foot pain and biomechanical issues.

Overall, if you want to live, feel and move better, Tim's aim is to help you find your way.

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