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Running Masterclass

1 Hour

DESCRIPTION: This no nonsense 1 hour Running Masterclass is all practical. You will be assessed for weaknesses, imbalances and other issues which can impede your running goals. With corrections put in place we will get to work on your running technique. You will be amazed at what can change in one hour.

ONGOING: You are not expected to remember everything taught in the Masterclass. You will receive follow up instructions and exercises by email to guide you to your ultimate goal of Strong Powerful Running.

PRICE: $180 (Can be shared by up to two of your training buddies for the same 1 hour booking)



Athlete Running Lab:

CITY: Your City

DESCRIPTION: The Athlete Running Lab Workshop is tailored for Crossfit and other like minded fitness enthusiasts.. and will transform your running in one action packed fun day. The workshop attacks running in the same way we train any other skill… simple cues, drills and key coaching points to have you running smooth, strong and efficient. Running becomes much easier when you do it right


  • Skipping/jump rope

  • Trigger point / massage ball (these can be purchased or borrowed on the day)

ONGOING: The Running Lab Athlete Workshop includes follow up emails detailing the drills and drill progressions over several weeks after the workshop

PRICE: $250 / person



Run Like A Boss:


DESCRIPTION: The Run Like a Boss™ Athlete Programming is for CrossFit athletes and runners willing to step out of their comfort zone. One epic session per week.. works in well as an add-on to your existing CrossFit or running program


  • Internet access

  • Sandbag and / or Dead Ball and / or Weight Vest

  • Prowler and / or Sled (or tyre with harness attached)

ONGOING: Run Like a Boss™ Sessions feature a quick effective warm-up followed by 1 or 2 work pieces comprising Speed, Agility, Weighted Carries, Sleds (or Prowler), Intervals and more. Your session is delivered weekly.. And I strongly encourage you to share videos and results for technique and progress analysis

PRICE: From $7.60 / week

CHECK OUT: Run Like a Boss™ Testimonials below.


Run Like A Boss™ Testimonials

Tia-Clair Toomey

"The Running Lab is the real thing! I have worked with Tim for my last two Crossfit Seasons. Run Like a Boss™ sessions are always Challenging.. FUN.. and benefit all my other training"

Mitch Sinnamon

"The running lab makes running ENJOYABLE. I feel.. and can see.. a notable improvement in my running and general energy system capacity. But the best is I no longer dread run-heavy workouts.. as running is now a strength"

Luke Starr

"All of my Starr Strength and Performance athletes benefit from Tim's Run Like a Boss™ programming.. As not only is Running an essential athletic skill.. But I see huge carry over to their training in and out of the gym"