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The Seven Deadly Sins of Modern Running Shoes

Do you really need Ballistic Rock Shields and Fluid Axis Systems in your shoes? This guide will give you the know-how to look through the marketing fluff when choosing your next workhorse athletic shoe. You need to know what your feet really need in a shoe.. and, often more importantly, what they don’t need.



The Quick Step Guide to Running Faster ...

The only sure fact in the world of running is… ‘The number 1 way to NOT achieve your goals is injury’. And unfortunately the statistics on running injuries make boxing look like a safe pastime. This guide will give you simple action steps to implement into your running to have you crushing PB’s.. ticking off bucket list goals.. and all the while making you a stronger healthier running machine.



Plantar Fascia ... Facts, Myths, Treatment Tips

Heel and arch pain.. It keeps many podiatrists employed and their children fed. But there is so much conflicting information on how to get rid of this awful condition. I mean, is ice or heat the best option.. They are polar opposites. In this simple to read guide I will answer the questions you have, and the ones you haven’t even thought of yet. And I give you simple to follow tips and tricks on how to start walking the path back to Strong Healthy Feet.


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