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The Running Lab Course Testimonials

Ben Garard

"I worked with Tim from The Running Lab in the lead up to the Crossfit Games and NPGL season. Previous to Tim's coaching and technique training I avoided running as much as I could. However, I went into this years Games with running as a strength, which showed in my 9th place finish in Murph. I encourage every athlete to treat running as a skill that needs expert coaching"

Trudie Enks

"Hi Tim, Just wanted to let you know how I went in the half marathon on 17 May along the Great Ocean Road. I now have a new PB of 1:48:51!! I smashed my old time by almost 7 minutes. So it seems I actually like hills now. Thank you so much for your Running Lab program. It's definitely helping me to achieve much better results with my running"


Mick Rand

"Since doing Tim's Running Lab, I have completed 2 x 1/2 ironman's. 8 back to back weeks of 20 km Road runs, Gold Coast 1/2 marathon and Rafferty's Resort 36 km Trail Marathon, a 25 km King of the Mountain Newcastle Cross Country event all without injury. I have no doubt that the main reason I have been able to achieve this is because I have been actually shown how to run. I am a big bloke in the running world weighing 80 kg on a good day. So being able to reduce the force going through my feet has gone a long way to reduce the impact and the predisposition towards getting injured every time I try to run more than 5 km. Thank you Tim you have put the joy back in to running for me"
Owner of Total Performance Centre Pty Ltd, Newcastle

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop! Everything, I thought I knew, has been turned around. I will be applying all this to my classes in the future"
Jennette, CrossFit RevX Running Lab Day Clinic


"Remember- when choosing to spend money on a course always look for a teacher who does what he does for the love of it. This is Tim! And this is how you know you'll get more than your money's worth"
Evelina Dalecki


"Just to let you know that I finished the Blue Mountains Ultra Trail Australia 50km on the weekend in a pleasing time of 7:08 and the achilles/ ankles held up nicely, those (thousands?) of bunny hops got me to the the finish! Thanks for your technical advice, it very much contributed to me getting through both the lead up training and gruelling event"
Neil Cuizon


"I had a great experience and learned a lot to help my reduce my efforts on longer distances!"
Andrew, CrossFit SFS Daily Clinic


"The ability to run is fundamental to human health and performance. The Running Lab provides logical, stepbystep methods for those looking to develop their running efficiency and learn about the underlying principles of running. I have witnessed dozens of athletes benefit from the The Running Lab and I continue to recommend it to absolutely everyone I work with"
Luke, Star Strength Coach, Running Lab Daily Clinic


"Tim is very knowledgeable and has a good understanding of the differences between individuals. His session seemed perfectly tailored to the level we were at, and his professionalism and expertise made it easy to learn from him. I've had a great running year thanks to your treatments and the running lab; I stayed injury free throughout and set PBs over all distances I raced!"


"I attended the full day clinic with Tim from The Running Lab about 4 months ago. Besides making running fun (which is hard to do), Tim has given me all of the tools that I need to get stronger feet and run faster, while using less energy. I always used to get pain when running during workouts at my CrossFit gym, but after doing the drills from Tim the past few months, I no longer get pain. I highly recommend The Running Lab"
Elisa Guth

"Great course, learnt many skills I could use in the clinic the next day. I found the exercise prescription most useful as the exercises encompassed proprioception, flexibility and strength - while being taught in a easy way patients could understand and start doing straight away"
Merridy Lithgow, SF Adelaide 2016 Participants


"I decided when my baby was 4wks that in order to get motivation to lose the baby weight, I would run a 5k four months later. Needless to say I was NOT runner before I made that decision. So I reached out to Tim and he recommended the Running Lab to help me so I wouldn't injure myself during training and also on race day. Post partum hormones wreck havoc on not just your emotions, but your body too! I can honestly say that although I didn't get to train as much as I would have liked, I completed that 5k with minimal soreness the next few days. I had absolutely no pain during the run and the lessons I was taught I could hear in my head as I ran. Without the Running Lab I'm absolutely certain I would have been in worse shape and possibly injured myself. I think all runners....not just beginners like me should go through the Running Lab. It will definitely give a different perspective on your performance when you run!"
Melissa, Wollongong