StrongFeet™ Transformation

StrongFeet™ Transformation


LOCATION: Online Course

DESCRIPTION: The StrongFeet™ Transformation is for all people seeking to be more active, with healthier stronger feet.. and anybody wishing to ditch their reliance on orthotics and supportive shoes. The Program will train the 66 joints and 40 muscles of your feet to be coordinated, balanced, workhorse machines to
carry you through life


  • Skipping/jump rope

  • Trigger point / massage ball (these can be purchased on the day)

  • Roller (a lumpy bumpy trigger point roller is preferred but any foam roller will do)

ONGOING: The StrongFeet™ Transformation consists of 6 core videos delivered over 6 weeks. Each video demonstrates the drills and drill progressions for the week. You will be guided step by step on how to perform each drill correctly, and what common errors to avoid. The program requires only a small time investment from you, repeated in short intervals throughout your Regular day to day life. You will have ongoing access to the course videos after your 6 week program is completed

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