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StrongFeet™ Testimonials


Matt Grant

"Sensational course - immediately changed my mind to footwear prescription, orthotic therapy- latex orthotics...?!! Strength & mobility exercises are brilliant, I've been able to incorporate the package you've put together- instantly in our practice to the great benefit of our patients. Highly recommend!"
Podiatrist, Melbourne, StrongFeet™ 2016

Kurt Vogel

"The StrongFeet™ Certification connects the dots between biomechanics, physiology, clinical evidence-based research, and anecdotal evidence-based research. Tim questions why we do things the way we do; he then uses the information he gathers and makes it easy to understand for anybody to assist people in getting strong feet. Brilliant course!"
Sports Scientist, Brisbane, StrongFeet™ 2016


Matthew Bull

"StrongFeet™ is a great workshop that addresses the missing link in the podiatry profession- how to strengthen and rehab the foot! Great clinical tips throughout to compliment any sports focused podiatry practice". 
Podiatrist, Sydney, StrongFeet™ 2016

"The StrongFeet™ Certification clearly explains the untapped potential of the human foot and how regaining its natural function will significantly improve performance and health. Tim provides simple strategies for improving foot function, with both theoretical and practical components"
Luke Starr, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sydney 2016

Tim has helped bring back common sense to an often over-marketed area - footwear and running. I would recommend any athlete / coach / practitioner that is interested in running or helping people who are to attend his course"
Danny, Podiatrist, Melbourne 2016

"Strongfeet™ provides a coherent and intelligent approach to developing the latent abilities inherent in our feet"
Soss, Podiatrist, StrongFeet™ Melbourne 2016