StrongFeet™ for Practitioners + Coaches

StrongFeet™ for Practitioners + Coaches


Dates to be Confirmed for 2020

LOCATION: Wollongong Podiatry - 2 Day Workshop
CITY: Wollongong

DESCRIPTION: The StrongFeet™ Certification is for Practitioners and Coaches looking to offer a structured rehabilitative and strength and conditioning program for feet. This workshop will give you skills and knowledge to offer your clients the gift of strong healthy feet


  • Skipping/jump rope

  • Trigger point / massage ball (these can be purchased on the day)

  • Roller (a lumpy bumpy trigger point roller is preferred but any foam roller will do)

ONGOING: The StrongFeet™ Certification includes a 66-page manual for easy to follow exercise reference going forward. You also get access to the StrongFeet™
Certified Foot Gurus private Facebook page for ongoing learning and sharing of case studies, thoughts and results

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