"No Reps" for Running in CrossFit

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On the eve of the CrossFit season I am pleased to announce a new Running Standard for 2018

For the first time in history there will be “no reps” in running as there is with most CrossFit movements. This is a bold move and could see many athletes eliminated from competition in the Regionals running event. Imagine the first Regionals event for 2018 to be…

11min AMRAP
200m Run (on Air Runner Treadmill)
5 Muscle ups

This would be fast.. Fun to watch.. Except for the athletes who get 11 minutes worth of “no reps” on the treadmill

Now assume the minimum work requirement for this workout is one muscle up.. Athletes who fail to progress past the first 200m run would now be eliminated from Regionals in the very first event!! That is a lot of hard work and years of training thrown away by poor running technique

The following Running Standards have been implemented for athlete safety. Using this workout as the example, each 200m run will comprise roughly 200 repetitions (steps) of running. That is a lot of potential for harm if performed incorrectly

1. No athlete will land on an outstretched heel

Athletes would never land on their heels doing double unders.. Nor will they continue to run in such an awful manner. Like skipping and double unders, running is a spring-like movement.. There is no spring in your heel

2. No athlete will strike the ground like a T-Rex on a rampage

Making more noise each step than your fellow competitor or training partner is NOT a sign of better running. Air Runner treadmills will be equipped with pressure sensor technology.. As athletes run, a green light will appear for every step at less than 2.5x bodyweight.. A red light will indicate “no reps” for heavy knee crushing ground contact

3. No athlete will hunch over and crush their diaphragm

Athletes must remain tall and strong with head firmly on their shoulders and hips open like the top of a (good) deadlift. Running is an aerobic sport.. Aerobic means you need oxygen.. Hunchback running strangles your oxygen supply

Assuming there is no running in the Open there is still time for athletes to stop crushing their shins, knees and hips with awful running technique. There is time to learn one of the most natural and real life movements used in CrossFit

For non-competitive athletes, stop hating on running.. Learn how to move smooth, strong and efficient. It honestly is not hard.. It is way easier than double unders, muscle ups and olympic weight lifting

This article is written in hope that running technique and movement standards will one day be taught at all levels of CrossFit.. and in other active hobbies / sports for that matter.. My Running Standards are not in any way written or endorsed by CrossFit®.. And therefore running in CrossFit in 2018 will remain a weakness for many athletes.. And the queue for the bike and rower in running workouts at your gym will remain longer than the queue for beer at a football match

Tim Bransdon